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The Birthday Goody Bag

While I am all for tradition, this is one we may want to re-think.

My experience with traditional goody bags in my family is a short lived hype, sibling rivalry over their new possessions, following by a not very pretty sugar high, with minutes later, all the little Knick's and Knack's spread over the floor, ready for the landfill or thrift shop.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong, should be better organized, but how many fidget poppers does one child need?

So, here are my alternatives, not participating in a throw away society, including the kids, and yet, have some fun!

PLANT A TREE - for my son's birthday day last weekend, we invited the kids to plant their own little maple seedling which we found growing on the outside of the sandbox. All we needed was a shovel to dig up the tree, a pot (which I have way to many of) and some soil. We talked about good growing conditions for the tree (which the kids answered mostly on their own) checked out the trees nearby and looked at the tree buds to determine which tree family it may be.

Sure enough, the kids asked: 'Is that all we get in our goodie bag???'. Ha, I was ready for this question. Each party guest received one full sized chocolate bar,

The kids left the party with the memory of potting a tree, a tree they can care for and watch grow, and a treat that gave them 'instant satisfaction :)

BAKE - whether a batch of cookies or bread in a flower pot (we'll teach you that at The Lion's Tooth), there is always one or two kids at the party who love to interact with the adults. Let them be your special helpers; if you are very keen, bake a batch of cookies with them, or let them help you decorate cookies, pack up a few of them and send these special treats home with your kids.

COUPONS - One of my boys once came home with ice cream coupons from the local ice cream store. He loved it! And so did I :)

THE LION'S TOOTH - At The Lion's Tooth, we offer you monthly activities that cannot only be done with your family, but also your friends. Seasonally, we invite you to create arts and crafts, body care products and foods, that are inspired by nature and can EASILY be turned into simple birthday activities that are fun and offer a take home gift at the same time. Simple and seasonal instructions for salves, t-shirt prints, bath bombs (my boys love turning their bath bombs into TNT bath bombs) and more. We'll guide you along, you reduce you carbon footprint, and your children learn by example.

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