Every month offers its unique characteristics. To flow with these natural cycles, was a given for our ancestors. At the Lion’s Tooth, we offer you in a simple, yet powerful way, to reclaim this integral part of ancestral knowledge, become one with nature once again, and integrate this fundamental part of healthy and sustainable approach of living on earth back into our families and classrooms.

Evelyn and Esther are a sister-In-Law team so excited to be bringing their skills together to create this beautiful program. Evelyn is a community Herbalist, Esther is a photographer, both educators at heart. Their passion for the Earth, the Plants and the Sun, combined with the daily practice of bringing their own children outside to build their relationship with the natural world is all bundled up into this 12-month course.

We believe that in learning about the Earth's rhythms, and appreciating it's offerings in our daily lives we are: 

1 .  Fighting Climate Change. 

2 . Distancing ourselves from capitalistic ideals.

3.  Reconnecting with simpler ways of living.

(** Simpler does not always mean Easier **)

4. Bringing up a generation of critical thinkers who value the abundance of nature.

We hope you join us in our journey as we live by the Wheel of the Year!